Gas Pack – Flexible Appliance Connector

I have read thru the IFGC and I just want to be sure that I can install a Flexible Gas Appliance Connector from the gas piping to the exterior gas pack.


Where the 2 psi natural gas pipe (black iron) exits the crawlspace I have in sequence a cutoff valve, a sediment/drip trap,and a gas regulator. It is from here, the gas regulator, that I would like to use the flexible gas appliance connector (36 inches) to the exterior gas pack. I have installed a section of black iron through the cabinet so the flexible gas appliance pipe does not enter in to the cabinet itself.


I know you can install this way for an indoor furnace, but I am unsure is the flexible appliance connector can be used outdoors.


Does anyone know if this is allowed?




John Davis

Gas Pack – Flexible Appliance Connector

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