Many questions about stripping/reglazing old tub….need help/advice/opinions

Greetings all,


So, I live in a 100 year old home in chicago. I bought it about six years ago from someone who flips houses for a living.


It has 3 1/2 bathrooms, but only one appears to be original.


This bathroom is on the 2nd floor and my two teenage girls use it, so we are talking endless showers, hair, hair products, basically a lot of wear and tear.


Even so, we noticed pretty early that there was flaking on the floor of the tub…I figured it had been painted/glazed as part of the rehab. But six years in, it looks like crap and i am thinking that they either didnt know what they were doing or they went cheap.


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^^^hopefully you can see a picture there.


now, i am fairly handy (electrician by trade) but new to bathrooms, so the most i can tell you is that there is porcelain underneath but i dont know what the stuff peeling off is.


i spent the day searching the web for info and came across a site that showed me how to strip a refinished bathtub.…ished-bathtub/


^^ that is the link for anyone interested.


so, i read and understood the seriousness of having to be well ventilated and wear proper PPE, and I also noted that it recommended buying stripper from a contractors store like Sherwin Williams rather than a big box store, so that is where I went.


When I tried to explain to the guy what I was doing, he almost refused to sell anything to me, telling me to get a pro. basically, he said that nothing works over porcelain and only a pro can really do what i need.


for a while i thought maybe i just wasnt communicating things to him properly….using words like *paint*, even though its clearly not paint that goes on your tub….but sometimes that happens when a laymen is trying to explain to a pro. but the longer i spoke to him, it seemed that he was convinced that i had no business trying this.


now, i certainly appreciate the information, especially if i am just wasting money on something that wont work….but it got me thinking *what the hell are all these diy sites here for then*?


so i am bringing it to you guys, is he right? or just a young guy with a rigid opinion? and if i can do this myself, where do i start (maybe someone who has already done this can chime in)?


i probably will at least try to call a pro to take a look and tell me what he thinks, but id rather do it myself because i dont want to pay for something that ends up like my tub is now in 5 years time


any advice/help/opinions are appreciated, thanks for reading.

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Many questions about stripping/reglazing old tub….need help/advice/opinions

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