Slow hot water – one sink

First post…looked for a similar post, but all I was finding was posts where the hot water was slow through the entire house. Mine is only slow in one sink, in the bathroom, and after the water warms up.


My sink has one faucet, with separate knobs for hot and cold. Cold pressure is fine, hot is fine until it warms up, then slows to a trickle. Other sinks are fine…in fact, we have two sinks in our bathroom, and only mine slows down. My wife’s hot water is fine.


As suggested by a co-worker, I’ve changed out the screen on the faucet, but don’t see how that would have been the issue anyway as hot and cold both run through it. I seem to remember my dad having this issue when I was a teen (about 45 years ago) and he ended buying and replacing all the “guts” of the faucet on the hot water side. (I think I remember a part called a stem was the issue).


Thoughts? Is that the direction I should go, or could it be more simple, like a worn washer? Any direction would be great. Oh, house is 16 years old, and this is the first plumbing problem I’ve had short of running toilets a couple of years ago.

Slow hot water – one sink

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