Electrical Anomoly – need help identifying?

I have my living room tv plugged into a 6 plug in surge protector. The other devices sharing this surge protector are 2 videogame systems and a HDMI switch.


On the other side of the wall is my bathroom.


What I’ve noticed is if I have the vent exhaust fan in the bathroom on, my Xbox one on, and of course the tv on, once I switch off the exhaust van OFF in the bathroom, the tv display goes black for 2-3 seconds. I tested this without the Xbox on, and flipped the switch and no issue.


So I don’t think my tv is the problem but rather the Xbox. The tv display will only have the 2-3 seconds of blackness when xbox one is on and i flip the vent switch to OFF in the bathroom.


So question is, do I have an issue with the socket for that particular plug I have the surge protector plugged into? or is it that the Xbox is using too much power from that socket?


I also have another 2 plugs about 5 feet away from this one and was thinking of plugging in the Xbox there to test it out. But I’m not sure if this will solve the problem.


Just wanted to know from you experts what you think is going on and if this is a major electrical issue.



Electrical Anomoly – need help identifying?

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