condensation or is my recently installed window leaking?



I was just getting set to trim out my recently installed windows and noticed a small amount of water in both bottom corners. It has been cold where I am (sub 20 degree F), so it’s possible that it is condensation, but I’m not sure.


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The window has been installed for several months, but, until now, I’ve been concentrating on the exterior.


I believe I followed the spirit of the manufacturers (Pella) recommendations for installation (I didn’t use Pella branded flashing, but, what I did use is at least as good). The sill is covered with Flex Wrap applied directly to the wood sill. The bottom flange is over the Flex Wrap. WRB is tucked in on the sides. Side and header flanges are covered with DuPont peel and stick flashing. WRB is over the header flashing and ‘skip’ taped.


I don’t want to cover this up with trim until I’m confident that I’m not covering up a problem.


What are your suggestions for determining if it’s condensation or if it’s leaking? If it’s leaking, what are my options for dealing with it? The exterior siding and window trim are installed and sealed, so I’d really be upset if I had to remove the window.


If it’s condensation, how do I make sure it won’t continue to have condensation behind the trim?


Thanks in advance.

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condensation or is my recently installed window leaking?

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