Whole Lotta Duct Tape….



First post here. My name is Grant from Tuscaloosa, AL. I would greatly appreciate any advice given on the topic below.


I am actively bidding on a property which myself and my fiance are very excited about. It would be our first home and I am trying to get ahead of the game when it comes to inspections and potential issues prior to the auction ending this week. So, after touring the property and taking literally 100 photos, I stumble across these two which showcase something I completely missed when we were walking through the property. Somehow.


Name: IMG_2076.jpg<div style=

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Size: 58.7 KB” style=”float: CONFIG” />Name: IMG_2074.jpg<div style= Views: 0


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Any idea what the literal duct tape-covered box is? Is this something to be concerned about? How will this be treated under an FHA appraisal?


Thanks in advance!


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Whole Lotta Duct Tape….

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