Re-using paint rollers

In my research, I saw some folks mention they save and reuse their paint rollers by wrapping them up in plastic. Since I was going to apply a second coat of paint to the ceiling the following day and since 14″ rollers are about $10 a pop, I figured I’d give it a try.




I could tell right away the paint wasn’t laying on very nice and laying off was just as bad. Didn’t have another 14″ roller available so I kept going. Not terrible results but under the right lighting it looks blotchy and not as nice as the first coat. I had considered not doing a second coat since the first coat turned out so nice but it appeared a bit ‘thin’ so figured what the heck.


I’ll be doing a 3rd coat in the morning with a new 14″ roller! :wall:

Re-using paint rollers

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