Forced air and hydronic floor heat thermostat mix-up?

I’m doing a basement remodel in which a section of that floor is also getting hydronic floor heating. The house has a traditional furnace and I’m running ductwork to the remodeled area as well, although I’m not planning to keep the registers open for supply, thinking that the floor heating system will handle that. This is just speculation since the system isn’t running yet. The remodeled area is a bath/laundry and a bedroom. I was thinking of using an Uponor A3030101 thermostat which monitors the air temperature and is apparently optimized for hydronic heating. The rest of the system is mostly Uponor as well.


I’m wondering what will happen when the furnace kicks in and starts circulating air throughout the house? Even if the supply registers were closed, the return in the bedroom will certainly pull air from the rest of the basement. My conventional wisdom tells me that the air temperature will decrease at first, then quickly rise as the air temperature rises. Wouldn’t the thermostat for the hydronic system get “confused” about the quick temperature change? The furnace runs fairly often during colder weather so my worry is that the hydronic system will short cycle or otherwise not work as intended. Would a thermostat with a slab sensor be able to “see” what’s happening? Any advice would be appreciated.

Forced air and hydronic floor heat thermostat mix-up?

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