Engine build / rebuild

Hi. I am looking to buy a classic car to rebuild. I am planning to do an engine rebuild–unless I find a car with an engine that has been recently rebuilt–but I am not looking for that and, really, am looking forward to doing a rebuild.


Although my engine experience is limited, I am confident that I an do a rebuild with a rebuild kit (using the internet, manuals, etc to work my way through it)


I have found ’65 Thunderbird. According to the owner, the engine block is cracked.


Now, had the engine block not been cracked, I planned to buy an engine rebuild kit.


Since it IS cracked, I will need an engine block.


So, my question is, if I find the correct engine block, and get a rebuild kit for it, will that include everything I need to build a working engine that can then be dropped in the car?


I’m not sure if a rebuild kit includes EVERYTHING but the block, or if there are more parts that would be needed.


Any thoughts?

Engine build / rebuild

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