Blackboard behind brick

Ok, Our house flooded about 6 weeks ago. We have torn all the sheet rock & insulation out. Yesterday, an inspector from the insurance company came by & noticed the blackboard behind the brick is rotten from the water coming in from between the brick & slab.


For clarification, there’s brick outside, then the black board, then maybe 8 or 10 inches (wide/tall) of tar paper (black felt paper) looking stuff, then the studs, then sheet rock.


The inspector is putting it in his report that it needs to be replaced but, he is recommending it be replaced from inside & not removing the brick. He cautioned me that most contractors that he has experienced, do not want to replace this from the inside, because of some kinda problems I didn’t quite understand, but I think he was trying to say that contractors don’t agree that its proper to do it that way. So, it will be between me & my insurance company to work this out with a contractor.


I called the guy who came out initially & wrote up the estimate & he said that it can be replaced from the inside & that’s the way they recommend doing the job & as a passed contractor, he has done it.


He says the way it should be done is remove the damaged black board, cut the new black board into fourteen & one half inch (14 1/2″) pieces & put them between the studs & tack a “sweep?” to the stud to hold the black board against the brick.


This doesn’t sound right to me.


So, what is the deal?

Blackboard behind brick

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