Working on a truck stock list

So I just started at a new company worked at the other company and they already had my van stocked well I have been given a van at this company but its empty so trying to put a list together and get it stocked. I do Residential and Commericial. I have all the main tools but looking to put together a list for parts and some tools so if you can add on to this list I post that would be helpful I feel like im leaving something out.


So here it is!!


410 Refrigerant


R22 Refrigerant


3amp Fuse


5amp Fuse








For Duals


25(Insert 3,5,7.5)
















70 same but add 70/10


And 80/10


Turbo 200


Turbo 200x


Turbo 200 mini


Pvc Glue


Pipe dope


Cable ties


½ Gas Shut off valve


¾ Gas shut off valve


Hard Start kid


24v Transformer


Relay switch 2 pole 24v


Flame Ignitors


Tstat wire


Blower Motors


Condenser motors




Drop Cloth


Wire Nuts ( Blue,Orange,Yellow,Red)


Hanger Strap Metal




Recovery Machine


Vaccum pump


Refrigerant Leak Detector






Torch Kit


5 foot Ladder and extension ladder


Caulking Gun


Shoe Covers


Electrical Tape


Filters if needed


Small Shop Vac


Random Terminal ends and butt connectors


Sand cloth

Working on a truck stock list

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