Worst attic unit I’ve seen in a while

Newer Rheem/Ruud 2 stage furnace coil, horizontal left orientation. As soon as I put my head into the attic space, I saw many, many feet of single wall flue pipe. Condensate drain looks very flat, no pitch. I see the condensate pump recessed in the floor, sitting directly on the drywall, (thinking that’s got to make a lot of noise). I crawl all the way up into this about 30″ tall space.





Thinking where does this pump discharge at, must be the washer box, because it’s directly above the laundry room. Nope, they drilled a hole into the plumbing vent and stuffed the other end of the twenty foot tube into the vent, pinched it too, left the other “extra” 17′ laying in a nice roll/pile.




The emergency pan is not only sized incorrectly, but installed incorrectly, they reused the original pan that was bent from original install. The pan outlet is at least an inch higher than the low points. The secondary stays flat against the OSB, the whole way.




I’m sure they charged extra to change out the lineset.



More single wall flue in the attic, with a 3″ elbow, on a 100k btu furnace.





I’m sure I forgot more…. I quoted a page and a half of repairs, and improvements. The coil is also leaking and scheduled for replacement.

Worst attic unit I’ve seen in a while

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