Vehicle Wraps Boost Your Marketing Goals and Suit Your Budget

May we interest you in the dynamic and budget-friendly vehicle wrap? The desire to harness this 24/7 advertising is a hot topic in the sign design world, and with little wonder why. Whether you’re parked in your driveway, stopped at a red light, or cruising through town, everyone who walks, rides, or drives by is going to at look at your car and when they need your services they’ll search specifically for your company. Our team works with you to customize the job to your messaging, and budget, with rates starting between $2000 and $3000. Tabulate your cost-per-impression and feel your marketing-loving heart beat faster!




How do I order a vehicle wrap?


NikonWhen you order a vehicle wrap from Grand River Sign Design you’ll sit down with us for an in-depth consultation on your concept, marketing-goals, and your design preferences to strategically produce a wrap that memorably and professionally represents your business. Oh, and makes your car look good. If you have a logo in vector/.ai file format we can incorporate that into the design easily – the formatting allows us to blow up and skew the image with superior resolution. If you don’t have a logo we can design one for you, we’ve got you covered. You can pick from 3 designs we create based on your consultation and we will to work with the one you choose until it’s just right. We want to help your business to grow.


Will a vehicle wrap damage my car?


Vehicle wraps are vehicle-friendly – you won’t fear for your paint job during installation or removal. They are known to stay in great shape up to 5 years, but you can tear them off and re-wrap with a new design anytime. To keep your wrap in the best shape your car becomes hand-wash-only, but the benefits of the wrap far outweighs the convenience of a drive-thru car wash (so do the Les Miserablesbenefits of hand-washing). Really, the only downside to wraps is that you can’t re-apply them to the vehicle once removed, although the balled up vinyl makes for an interesting conversation piece – ask our head cheese, John, he’s got some in his office and it never fails to get people talking.


What kind of vehicles can be wrapped?


Almost anything! Order a vehicle wrap for your minivan, compact car, sedan, pick-up truck, trailer, even your boat. Is the vehicle type you want wrapped not in this list? Call us to find out how we can outfit your vehicle with a wrap. And why not go beyond the vehicle and consider wraps for walls and doors or outfit your man cave fridge and bar? We have a certified 3M specialist on staff to install your wrap almost anywhere to the highest standards and best practices.


When you’re thinking about a banner or a sign for your business why not chat us up about vehicle wraps, too? We can customize your current advertising to suit your car, or design a fresh idea, to drum up new business while you’re on a coffee run. It really is as easy as that. Call Grand River Sign Design at (519) 740-7272.

Vehicle Wraps Boost Your Marketing Goals and Suit Your Budget

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