thermostat wiring help needed ASAP!!

Hey everyone,


I just bought a new home and am in process of replacing the old thermostat to a Honeywell RTH7600. the old wiring was labeled and colored as the following:


G – green wire


Y – yellow wire


E – brown wire


W2 – black wire


R – red wire


O – orange wire


C – blue wire


this is the first time really messing with home electric of any sort. Where I was getting confused was the inside lettering vs outside lettering on the new thermostat. Across from O/B, its a W. Across from E its Y2. if someone could let me know where to plug the corresponding wires in relation to the OUTSIDE lettering it would be greatly appreciated.


below is the original thermostat wiring, the diagram for the new rth7600 and a google image of the same model I have(do not look at wiring colors on last image)


Name: 119da65f-875d-4177-8a53-30ab35c975fb.jpg<div style=

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Size: 36.1 KB” />


Name: HoneywellRTH7600.jpg<div style= Views: 0


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Name: HW RTH7600.jpg<div style= Views: 0


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thermostat wiring help needed ASAP!!

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