Not connected to any terrorist orginiztion or terrorist cell…

I just did a little googling for giggles this evening. San benadito/boston/orlando…


The same message keeps coming up, worded in perhaps varying detail, but it is the same message of perplexity: NOT CONNECTED WITH ANY TERRORIST GROUP.


OKAY. Now then let us put our thinking caps on. We should understand this is a very diverse group of terrorists. One pakistani, one ubekistan, one afgan origin, one queer, one with spousal tactical support…. No arabs, arabs did 9-11, I think there were a few others, but mostly arabs.


Pardon the omission, another one just popped up in Amarillo, Iranian immigrant takes hostages and is shot dead at wal-mart. As insane as it is to have any ANY immigrant from iran here to begin with,.. I am hazarding a guess he was not a protestant.


Since the FBI and DHS and CIA are obviously inept enough to be incapable of investigating this mayhem and ‘connecting any dots’, perhaps ARP should step up to the plate.


All of these freaks, and it is diverse, are muslims and that is the common thread, the single obvious clue that connects them all… It’s basically a ‘rainbow coalition of muslims’ who are out to destroy the USA and murder anyone within possible reach.




Anyone who continues to refute or ignore that simple fact is a fool.


I equally apply that last comment to individuals as well as heads of state foreign or domestic.

Not connected to any terrorist orginiztion or terrorist cell…

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