Magic Leak

Was looking at an ICP coil.. txv was bad….. and I had the cover off the coil and was looking around in there to see if I would be able to get the txv pulled out enough to replace without having to cut the furnace vent tubing….. I am looking in the coil housing and notice this fog coming across the front of the coil…… stood back and saw this….


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Unit had been running… I had been there for a little while with the unit running…….. took the door off…… I dont know…. it just decided to start leaking then…..


Its weird….. I dont even think I touched that tubing….. but its freaky how that leak was there….. and its a good leak…. and somehow it was held back until I messed with the door.


The solderin…. job on this was atrocious….


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Magic Leak

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