Power surges causing TV’s HDMI ports to blow out

Recently had my whole house remodeled and I’ve been having issues with the hdmi ports blowing out on my tv. It’s happened 3 times in about 9 months and I only have 3 months left on the TV’s warranty. Obviously the bigger problem is not knowing what is causing it. I first noticed that if I ran my table saw in the basement it would turn the sound on or off on the tv.. I realized after hdmi failed that it was the surge. I have a surge protector which is obviously not preventing anything. Now I don’t use that outlet in the basement but noticed that if I turn on the ceiling fan (which is a wall switch right near tv and on same circuit) the tv sometimes will go black for a second then back on. I have all new electric on the 2nd floor of home (but not on 1st floor where tv is) and noticed when someone used a power tool upstairs it caused the same blackout on tv. My electrician said he’s not sure what is causing it.


Any thoughts / suggestions? I planned on calling the electric company tomorrow to see if they can check the power going into the house. Is there something else anyone recommends? Whole house surge protector? Obviously would prefer to fix the issue rather than treat the symptom. Any help is appreciated

Power surges causing TV’s HDMI ports to blow out

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