Double Oven Wiring

Hey everybody. My wife and I are remodeling our home and she has decided on a Jenn-Air JJW2830DS double oven. The house currently has a single gas oven with an unused 240V outlet. The circuit is 40A with 8/3 stranded wire, my plan was to pull the wiring up and run it down to our new location. I was reading through the installation instructions for the oven and it states the oven requires 8g solid wire. I emailed customer support asking for clarification/reasoning and the response I got was “solid wire is required”. Can anyone explain the reasoning behind this?


I’ve looked around some and didn’t see anything in the NEC specifying solid vs stranded wire but I’m not an electrician and it can be difficult to decode sometimes. I’ve looked at both HD and Lowes and the 50′ or cut to length 8/3 was stranded, the individual strands did appear to be thicker gauge than what we have currently. I’m comfortable with the wiring, especially since it will basically just be redoing what is already there. Getting the new wire into the box and the old wire out is my main concern so I’m undecided if I will attempt it myself or call an electrician.


If I do it myself I’d have to track down some solid 8/3 but it should be under $100 which isn’t too big a deal but would still like avoid it if unnecessary. Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated.

Double Oven Wiring

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