Need panel solution for narrow wall cavity

Hi guys. My god, how time flys. This thread is actually a continuation of one I started last year..:


I finished everything that thread was concerned with, last summer. And thanks to you turned out perfect.I’ll post some pics of it soon)


However, now, I’m getting ready to upgrade the sub panel(load center) in the garage. As it exists, I’ve maxed out the existing panel(6 space), and now need to replace it with a 12 space, 24 circuit load center. This is what I have in mind…


Eaton 100 Amp 12-Space 20-Circuit Type BR Indoor Main Breaker Load Center-BR1220B100 – The Home Depot


As it is now, I have one double 20amp breaker, for a single 240v branch circuit, using 10ga conductors as a pigtail that terminates in a J-box, where the circuit is split, with the 10ga conductors continuing to a 240v 3hp Table saw, and another circuit in parallel branching off with 12ga conductors to a 240v 2hp Radial Arm saw. I read this is legal, and had no other choice as there was no space for another double breaker.


Here is a simple diagram of the existing electrical :


Name: Electrical Layout 2.jpg<div style=

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Size: 23.3 KB” />


But now, I want to rewire these saw circuits to a separate double breaker for each saw, as last week, my son turned on the Radial Arm while I was running the Table saw. It caused the breaker to trip.


Moreover I need 2 more 240v double breakers, as I just bought a 3hp Compressor, and a 190 Mig welder. The Compressor needs a 240 30amp circuit, and the Mig needs a 240v 20amp circuit. Also, I need more 3 more, 15amp dedicated branch circuits for a new Rheem central heat unit, a window air conditioner, and a vacuume system.
 usual, things aren’t simple..EVAH!:D


Here’s the deal. This existing load center was here when I moved in. It was mounted on a wall next to a 4×4 post and had plenty of room. But I came along, and built a wall, within 2″ of the panel, never thinking I might have to upgrade the panel later. But here is the rub. This existing panel is a Square D and only 11″ wide, and the cavity is 13.25″ wide. Every single new load center I’ve looked at, including the one above, is 14.25″ wide or more. And THAT is my dilemma. The only solutions I can think of are to either notch out the 4×4, which eliminates access to any of the side knockouts, or to surface mount the panel, which isn’t good either as the 4×4 is actually what an adjacent door jamb is fastened to, and the other side is almost the same, as there is a door opening right at the face of the panel.:(


Here’s what the existing looks like and another of what a


surface mount would do..


Name: Existing Load Center.jpg<div style= Views: 0


Size: 23.1 KB” />


Name: Proposed Solution A.jpg<div style= Views: 1


Size: 25.0 KB” />


Name: Proposed Solution B.jpg<div style= Views: 1


Size: 28.8 KB” />


Sooooooo..what I’m asking is does anyone know of a load center that is 13″ or less???? Or..another solution? Thanks for any help.


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Need panel solution for narrow wall cavity

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