Design Tips for your Promotional Banner

GR-BannerC-BlogAt Grand River Sign Design every day is a banner day. Why? Because banners are a brilliant display for professional and personal occasions like trade show booths, charity golf tournament sponsorship, theatre performances, and your family reunion.


With all of the signage competition out there, we understand if you have banner-burn. But our banners are the balm! Whether your last banner didn’t hold up in the wind, assembly made you want to cry, or you fear the monetary commitment, we can help. We know the disappointment of an inferior banner, so we create ours from the highest quality products, which can include environmentally friendly ink and materials, and our stands come with a lifetime guarantee. You also get the benefit of our expert design team. All of these virtues are combined to suit your budget.


Your banner only has a few seconds to catch someone’s eye which is why it’s vital to put as much effort into the design as you would a web page.


Consider this:

    • Placement: Location, location, location! Where is this banner going to go? Will it stand upright? Hang from above? Will people be standing in front of it, or will it stand above people? Is it on a table, does it wrap around your booth, is it hanging between 2 trees? Where your banner will be seen will dictate all of your design choices from physical size to font family, so choose a spot strategically.
    • Messaging: The words you choose are almost everything. Keep in mind that most of the general population will read your sign from top to bottom, no matter if your banner is vertical or GR-BannerF-Bloghorizontal. Be brief, be clear, and be smart. If you plan to use your banner more than once exclude words that will date it like, “New!” and, “2016”.
    • Fonts: You want people to be able to read your banner quickly and from a great distance. Avoid script, squishy, or italicized fonts.
    • Colours: Carefully consider the colours of your background AND text AND images. Your logo should show up, but your message needs to pop. How likely is it people will be wearing sunglasses when they see your banner? How will fluorescent lighting affect your colour scheme? If you’re in a sea of booths think about the colours typically used and be unique.
    • Images: It might be that the images you put on your banner speak louder than the words, in which case it is completely acceptable to make an image the main feature. If your images don’t improve your message, leave them for your handouts.

What’s your occasion? Are you hosting a special event, sports tournament, festival, networking group, or flying in a guest speaker for your AGM? Do you work trade shows, conventions, or farmer’s markets? Do you have space outside your business? Do you have space inside your business? There’s a banner for that! The only limit is your imagination, and when you order a banner from Grand River Sign Design you get the bonus of our imagination and experience. Drop by our showroom in Cambridge, Ontario to find out what banners can do for you.



Design Tips for your Promotional Banner

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