Using Sensors as Automatic 3-way Swtiches

I’m building a new multi-story house. Moving from one floor to another will be via two staircases separated by a 12′ landing. I’m planning to light these staircases using LED strips embedded horizontally at the top of the risers of every second step.


I’d like to use some type of sensor, e.g., proximity or broken-beam, at the top step of the first staircase, and another one at the bottom step of the second staircase so that when I am at the first sensor (either top or bottom), the LED’s would automatically turn on, and then turn off when I reached the second sensor. Essentially, I want the pair of sensors to act as “automatic” 3-way switches to turn on or off 115 VAC to the LED’s power supply (transformer or voltage driver).


Some sensor-switch company help desks I spoke with, told me turning the LED’s on wasn’t an issue, but that the best I could do would be to have the LED’s turn off via a time-out by using an occupancy & vacancy sensor at one location and a remote 3-way switch at the other.


Does anyone know how I can accomplish this the way I’d like to, and if so, what gear: sensors, switches, electronic relays, etc. would I need.



Using Sensors as Automatic 3-way Swtiches

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