Carrier Condenser Fan won’t start by itself

Hi all, thanks for checking out my post. I have been having this problem for a week now.


I originally had a service tech out and he let me know the capacitor and fan motor were bad. I opted to replace them both myself. After replacement of both, the condenser fan still won’t fire up without a stick push. I have tested the new cap and get the appropriate values (80 & 5, dual run). I’ve ohm tested the motor and it checks out. I’ve taken the contactor off and tested the resistance between the low voltages and get 8.1 (normal). What else would prevent my condenser fan from starting up? The only thing I haven’t tested is the amp draw. I have tried two brand new motors and caps with the same effect. I have also tested a temp sensor in the unit and get about 1400. Does this sensor have any impact on condenser motormotor start up?


The AC runs fine with condenser fan stick push started, but once target temp is reached, and AC shuts off, the fan won’t start again without support.


The motor is a single phase three wire, black is going to line 1, white is going to terminal 2 and brown is going to capacitor.


Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!

Carrier Condenser Fan won’t start by itself

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