Lennox HSXB15-036 fan failure question

Came home today to find a very sluggsh fan on the compressor unit outside.


After shutting the unit down I found the fan blade to turn but relatively stiff.


Not frozen binding but certainly not ‘free spinning” I know a value judgement a bit but pretty sure the bearings are getting old


being 13 years old and all


Question is. 1)is it still possible to be the run/start capacitor? This was replaced once before.


and 2) how bad is it to run very temporarily w/out the fan.


3)What about a fan, like a box fan as a temporary cooling unit?


One odd educational question:


The shutoff outside that cuts the 220V to the compressor/fan.. Why is there not 110 across each set of fuse contacts?

Lennox HSXB15-036 fan failure question

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