Foreigners trying to nab girls

today i’m listening to the radio. (this was NOT a political show)


The main DJ said something almost happened with his daughter ,i didn’t hear that story, but he brought the topic up on the radio and all kinds of people started calling in.




One girl said 5 years ago, she answered a job posting on Craigslist for a printing job in Camarillo, California. She said she went to the “job interview” and heard her car alarm going off, she went outside and found her car was blocked in.


She started noticing everything was strange so she started sending text messages to her friends that she wanted to get out of there.


They told her to get into the car because she had to go meet the CEOs in Santa Monica, California.


She said when she got the opportunity, she jumped out of the car and ran.


She said, when the police got there the whole building was empty.




Another women called in and said her 18 year old daughter had made plans to attend “free college” in China.


They told them if they wanted to sign up for the “free college” program they need to be at the airport when the plane leaves.


She said her daughter didn’t go because they weren’t accepting males, and they told her male friend he couldn’t go.




i’m sure our government would tell you, hey! it’s only a small percent who get kidnapped never to be seen again, and it’s a small price to pay for showing everyone how non-racist we are.

Foreigners trying to nab girls

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