PLEASE HELP !! OLDER AC Blows Warm air in Day, Cold night, ??

, AC blows warm air in day, cold at night. 2500 sq foot house. Was 2100 sq ft had 400 sq addition in 2003.. AC worked fine last year. Unit in shade after 11am. Outside temp near 100, night 60. Central CA. Unit came with house in 1999, house was built then Rudd Zepher model EADB-048JAS volts 208/230 hertz 60, Compressor R.L.A. 21.5/21.5 L.R.A 110 Design pressure high 300 low 150 psig,, outdoor untis factory charge 113 oz. R22 not sure of tonnage. Outdoor fan motor F.L.A. 2.0 H.P. 1/3


By the way these numbers mean nothing to me. No water dripping out of pipe. 2 outside pipes, one for pan overflow. No water in pan. The water did drip in previous years when ac was on. When added room to house, added recess spot. Replaced both filters inside of house in hallways where air is sucked in. Looked on youtube- sorry, took off housing and cleaned coils. They were very dirty. Only used water. Replaced the thermostat with Honeywell programmable unit. The old one was semi-broken. During the evening and at night the thicker copper pipe is cold and sweats and the smaller is warm. In the heat of the day- near 100 now, the are not hot or cold. I have only looked at unit in attic. No water in pan. Is there a filter up there that needs changing. If so it has never been done. Also during heat of the day when blowing hot air suction into ceiling openings is very low.


Roof installation is Batt type, ten inches, cellulose R-30 Its been 5+ years since any maintance. I now I will need a tech. Any thoughts ?

PLEASE HELP !! OLDER AC Blows Warm air in Day, Cold night, ??

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