Matching interior paint

I need to find the best way to match the paint I have on the wall for the purpose of painting over a drywall repair.


Originally about a year ago, I had selected the exact color from a Behr brochure, and it’s called “BEHR 340C-1 POWDER SAND”.


I gave the brochure to a painter I hired and he instead got Glidden paint (cheaper) instead, and he said Home Depot can cross reference between the Behr color and Glidden color, and the custom matched Glidden color is exactly the same. Okay…


So now I have three ways to get a can of paint to match what I have.


(1) The original Behr color 340C-1 Powder Sand.


(2) The custom matched Glidden color which I have the sticker on the lid with the exact base and color composition.


(3) The piece of drywall I cut out which I can use for another custom match.


Which way do you think gives the best match?

Matching interior paint

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