Aint No Sheriffs Star…. lol

That Star of David thing….. thats something that also should be setting off alarms in peoples heads…..


Its not the fact that Trump is trying to tie Hillary to jewish cash…. but its the fact that Trump used that image that they got from a white supremacist post…… and reused it….


Do you want someone that dang stupid sitting in the white house ??? The guy is one ignorant sack of doodie.


Trump can say what he wants about the star….. but man… it doesnt take a 3 yr old to fiqure out what they are trying to say with the star and the pile of cash….


Maybe the US can get Mossad to deal with Trump…… in their own special way…. I know if I was in government… I would at least be considering that option…. no matter which side of the table I was sitting on.

Aint No Sheriffs Star…. lol

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